In addition to assembly, conformal coating and logistics, we are also happy to carry out all the necessary testing

Test procedures are becoming increasingly complex. They grow with the requirements on the assemblies and components. That’s why test and inspection procedures in PCB assembly today have two dimensions. On the one hand, the standardised tests that we always offer with our equipment. On the other hand, test procedures for which our customers provide us with the test equipment including the test concept themselves. We’re happy to take on both as an additional service alongside the quality assurance we do anyway.

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We check and test as you need it: From the simple LED test to the highly specific test method

Of course, we make sure that all LEDs really light up and record this in detail for you and your end customers. However, some of our customers also send us very specific test procedures including the corresponding devices – which we then implement in elaborate test series. Sometimes this happens quite consciously, without us knowing (or needing to know) exactly what the tests are detecting. But the customer would otherwise have to do these tests himself, we can do them directly after assembly. It is very individual how long a test takes. Sometimes an assembly is tested within a few seconds, but some tests take up to 16 minutes each. If we take over these tests, we can also send the assemblies to our customer's customer immediately afterwards if desired. This often saves a lot of time and therefore money. And: It puts less stress on the PCB as there is no need for a shipping route and one-time unpacking/packing. Examples of typical test parameters:

  • Light colour and luminous intensity
  • Temperature development
  • Current
  • Function of the assembly: Does the module control the correct device?

In combination with our PCBA, conformal coating and logistics, we offer customers valuable synergies here.

A brief insight into our technical testing and inspection procedures directly on site

A classic: programming a component

A typical step that also counts as a test procedure: We programme a component on the assembly, for example an IC or microcontroller. This means, for example, that we install our customers’ firmware. This is done with appropriate programmers. For this, the module does not have to be installed, but only needs power, firmware and a computer.

We produce the appropriate in-circuit test in-house

Ahead: There is no one in-circuit test. Each assembly series needs an individual design – often according to customer specifications. In an in-circuit test (ICT), an electrical probe or test adapter tests the assembled PCBs for component function, resistance, capacitance and other basic quantities. We can use an in-circuit test to check the values of each individual component on the PCB. We can also test the overall function of the assembly, as well as program it at the same time. We often test with a needle bed tester or with a special in-circuit test setup.

“It’s really convenient for our customers that we build and implement all variants of in-circuit tests ourselves – including the appropriate holes.”

Sergej Gassert
Head of Testing Department

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Test and inspection procedures change with the assemblies

We have the great comfort of being able to set up in-circuit tests ourselves. In this way, we help a large proportion of our customers. But for more and more assemblies, we get the test procedures, i.e. concept and material, from the customer. The reason: No assembler has a test repertoire that covers all conceivable tests in house.

Examples of tests with an in-circuit test:

  • Test for correct function of the assemblies
  • Test for correct values of the components
  • Test for fault-free operation of components, operational amplifiers and analogue components, such as controllers

“Assemblies do more than they used to – the applications are more complex. In this way, the test procedures also grow. To cover all test requirements, you would probably need your own IT department these days. That’s why we do it for you.”

Sergej Gassert
Head of Testing Department

You need a service provider in PCB assembly that reliably implements your specific test and inspection procedures? Then find out more about us here – or contact us directly without obligation. Then we talk about future projects and how we can grow together.

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