5 reasons why we are your efficient EMS partner

We can do placement assembly – like many others. What distinguishes us beyond that is the attentive look to the left and right

Are you a buyer looking for a service provider in the field of EMS – right now or with future prospects in mind? A company for which SMT assembly and THT assembly are the bread-and-butter business? Then you have a big responsibility. And then you might not feel like listening to or reading long sales pitches. That’s why we make it as easy as possible for you: 5 reasons why we should talk to each other. Without much talk around it.

5 reasons in brief and to click on:

Reason 1:

For fast deliveries, we have had reliable partners, high-yield warehouses and state-of-the-art testing and inspection procedures for decades.

How quickly we can manufacture and deliver also depends on how quickly our suppliers react. But also from how well we can serve their orders directly from our warehouse with PCBs and components. A large part of our long-standing success in the market is also based on forward-looking planning and procurement of components, even if there is not always a customer order behind it. And our group membership will offer us many more opportunities in the future. We are sometimes proud of the extensive stocks of sought-after components that we are able to hold at the Huntlosen site. Because that’s how we offer you maximum flexibility. We can often produce small series quickly in this way. And for larger series, we have found exactly the right suppliers in our decades of company history. Partners who meet our requirements for very low error rates and are still able to deliver quickly. Of course, we can’t always have everything in stock – after all, we install an average of 1.5 million components a year.

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“High material availability and strategic purchasing are a competitive advantage we don’t underestimate. That’s where we draw on our long experience as a distributor of electronic components and PCBs.”

Oliver Rauh
Head of Operational Sales

Frequently asked question: From how many assemblies is an order interesting for A+B Electronic?

We hear this question often and we always have to say: We can’t give a general answer to that because it depends on which components are installed on the boards. We have customers for whom we assemble only five boards per production batch – but with highly complex developments. Other customers receive hundreds of thousands of PCBs from us every year. By the way, internally we speak of assemblies instead of boards. Important aspects in the evaluation of your request are then still: Are assemblies added, is the assembly process double-sided? Do you need special inspections? The general rule is therefore: You need a placer? Let’s talk to each other.

Reason 2: 

Our customer support and after-sales service are there for you personally, quickly and without complications.

With us, you as a buyer have a fixed contact person. No pass-through and certainly no call centre. When you undertake a project with us, it’s our joint project. And if you have technical questions, your contact person will also be happy to go with you on the phone to the production hall to pick up an answer immediately. That is also one of our strengths: We have grown considerably. But at the Huntlosen site, commercial departments, technology and production are still only a few metres apart. For you, this means above all: quick answers if there are any questions. Immediate solutions when challenges arise. The right person on the phone immediately if it’s urgent. This also means that we proactively pay attention to your supply chains. That’s why we sometimes call a few weeks before the end of the contract to clarify whether you still need assemblies and whether we should keep the corresponding resources available.

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Reason 3: 

You can talk to us about development, conformal coating and logistics on a higher level.

We offer many services around pure PCB assembly. That’s a great strength. Of course we’re experienced in assembly. But we understand that as a buyer you have more to worry about than components that are soldered onto a PCB. We can support you in the development, we can test the assemblies that you provide us with. We can discuss the prototype and 0-series with you, and we are also happy to discuss them critically. We can talk about logistics and shipping. Or about test procedures, conformal coating and quality assurance. If you have concerns in an EMS project, let us know. Either we know the solution. Or we know who knows the solution.

Ein A+B Electronic LWK

“Every additional shipping route of the board causes unnecessary work.”

A+B Electronic maps the complete supply chain – from assembly to worldwide delivery


Reason 4:

Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures availability, cost efficiency and reliable production – we can service small and large projects at all stages.

The pure assembly of PCBs in the area of SMT assembly and THT assembly is technically identical for many manufacturers, because the process is standardised. But an order portfolio with “high mix, low volume” can very quickly lead to machine downtimes of up to 80% for EMS service providers. Here, we pay particular attention to keeping up with the times. With our new generation of pick-and-place machines, we can already retrofit for the assembly of a new series during the assembly process of one series. This retrofitting parallel to production allows us to gain valuable time for you. Because that’s how we avoid standstills. And besides the set-up time, the speed of the machines is also decisive in pure assembly. From the combination of set-up time optimisation and high assembly speed, we also optimise the manufacturing costs for your product.

We have jet and stencil printers to flexibly produce different series sizes

The stencil printer is faster in large series. The jet printer, on the other hand, is more cost-efficient in small series and for prototypes – or provides even better soldering results for certain requirements as a post-processing step after the stencil printer.

No matter what you need in the EMS sector, we have the right contacts in the field. Contact our consultants here:

Unassembled printed circuit boards

Reason 5:  

We stick to Made in Germany.

Ahead: This alone has the very simple advantage that with us you have a German-speaking contact person. Always and at any time. There is no question that there are great products coming out of Asia and the rest of the world in the electronics sector. But there are a few things you have to keep in mind: Time difference, public holidays, cultural differences. Especially in the technical field, there are some communication pitfalls that you can avoid if you work with someone who understands you both linguistically and culturally.

“Our jet printer provides the flexibility at the beginning of the project phase to test the assembly of the modules at low cost. For mass production, we can move to the stencil printer.”

Sven Olle
SMD Assembly Department Manager

Any other questions, impressed or simply keen to talk about a possible project? Then write directly to Ms Teichmann, our Head of Department for Production Management. Alternatively, contact us here and we will be happy to call you back based on some info.

How we realise your projects as an EMS partner

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“A+B Electronic is a reliable and trustworthy partner with whom we have had a very good business relationship for many years.”

Manfred Meereis, Plasmatreat GmbH