A+B Electronic is a strong technology partner for the electronics industry. We are a system supplier for your electronics needs

For more than 50 years, flexibility and customer proximity have been the focus of our work. In doing so, we rely on the most modern production standards for our machines and systems. We are a strong technology partner for the electronics industry and system supplier for your electronics needs – from development and production to shipping directly to your customers. We have continued to expand our vertical range of manufacture.
Part of our philosophy is: Reliability through “Made in Germany”. For you, this means: fixed contact persons and maximum plannability of your projects. We have therefore been working with many customers for many years now

Your EMS service provider for the efficient assembly of printed circuit boards

Whether PCB assembly in agricultural technology, automotive or medical technology: We know that our customers from different industries have individual wishes.

We develop precisely the right solutions for this in partnership and with enthusiasm – whether for a small number of items or series with 30,000 or more assemblies per order.

A great advantage for our customers: We have a warehouse right next to production. Through far-sighted warehouse management, we ensure that components are reliably and immediately available.

Eine Maschine von A+B Electronic

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With two modern production lines, we can precisely assemble versatile component sizes from 01005, a high component mix and components with special component geometries and solder them in reflow ovens.

With three selective soldering systems and two wave soldering systems, we can produce high-quality THT assemblies for all technological conditions.

Our service as an EMS partner if you want to outsource your unit assembly.

Ein Luftbild von dem A+B Electronic Gebäude der Fertigungshalle

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Our philosophy: Quality, service, sustainability

For over 50 years, quality, service and sustainability have been the basis for our actions. We create state-of-the-art solutions for our customers, employees and business partners. We live the “0-defect strategy” as our quality philosophy. And if a mistake happens, we deal with it transparently. We have a positive error culture and immediately ensure compensation, do everything to adapt processes and minimise error rates even more. Whether repair or new production – we each have our own departments that take care of your concerns directly. Quality, service and sustainability live above all from people. We are happy about our motivated team, excellently trained employees and a common vision.

We stand for “diversity with a system”

Eine Personengruppe im Kreis mit je einer ausgestreckten Hand in der Mitte

A+B Electronic – our history

A+B Electronic was founded in Bremen in 1970 as a trading company for electronic components. Since then, we have continued to develop. Today we have around 140 employees for our individual PCB assemblies.

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Milestones in our history


50 years of A+B Electronic


Takeover by OWG Holding GmbH;
25 years at Huntlosen location


Recertification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 13485:2016


Obtaining UL certification for the assembly of electronic modules


Apple® certification: Receipt of the Apple® MFI Manufacturing License as one of two EMS service providers in Germany (as of 06/2016)


We commission a new production hall with 3,000 m² and an office extension building with 480 square metres


At the end of July we receive the medical certification according to EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009.


We introduce a new concept for automatic optical inspection (AOI). At the same time, another AOI system is added. We optimise and reduce our storage space with additional paternoster racks. We use an X-ray machine to check for hidden solder joints.


We expand our production capacity by acquiring a third SMT line. This strengthens SMT assembly as one of our core businesses. Enlargement of the production area and optimisation of the storage areas.


A selective varnishing machine from Asymtek is added. We can clean assemblies using an ultrasonic bath. We completely replace an SMT line with a new generation of machines. We also purchase a second in-circuit tester from Reinhard with a drilling centre. We replace our previous leaded soldering wave with a modern soldering wave operated under nitrogen from ERSA.


We expand our equipment with a selective soldering system from ERSA.


We merge the two previously separate production facilities in Huntlosen. From now on we can solder lead-free in the area of THT assembly and SMT. To this end, we successfully commission the necessary investments such as a wave soldering system, additional AOI system and a nitrogen system.


We have both our sites certified to ISO 9001:2000. At the Huntlosen site, we put the latest generation of Juki pick-and-place machines into operation.


Introduction of another state-of-the-art SMT production line and a nitrogen soldering system. We commission two AOI test systems for checking assemblies.


Takeover of the former assembly company JST (Phönix Elektronik) in Delmenhorst. We introduce the ISO 9002 quality standard.


We move into our new building with 2600 sqm production area and 800 sqm for administration in Huntlosen.


We introduce the first modern SMT production line.


Takeover of Helec Hunte Electronic GmbH at the Huntlosen site.


We introduce the first SMT pick-and-place machine.


We start with the assembly activity (conventional).


We expand our pure trade with cable assemblies.


Foundation of the company A+B Electronic GmbH & Co. as a trading company for electronic components at the Bremen location.

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