Why we develop much more than just successful EMS solutions “Made in Germany”!

We consistently think ahead of our customers' product ideas

If you need competitive products in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), you probably regularly think beyond the day-to-day business. And about the individual order as well. We do that too. In plain language: For us, assembling electronics is more than just soldering components onto a circuit board. We also keep an eye on the growth targets of our business partners. We know you need to cover long-term costs while responding to a dynamic market. A challenge that we, as an EMS partner, master together with you – which is also why we like to get to know our customers and business partners personally. Anonymous cooperation? This neither suits us humanly nor our claim to individual quality standards. We offer cost and efficiency advantages through assembly on the one hand and our additional services such as conformal coating and testing on the other. Why us? You can read that here.

What interests you in particular?
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Why was A+B Electronic founded?

We want to offer exactly the right EMS service at exactly the right time – precisely tailored to you and your products.

Why should a customer choose A+B Electronic when the EMS industry is largely standardised? And when many production processes are subject to certain standards? Our answer is:

“We think beyond our production. We think from the developer’s data sheet to the final product.”

Kristin Teichmann
Head of Production Management

Ein Luftbild von dem A+B Electronic Gebäude der Fertigungshalle

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In the EMS industry, dynamism is what drives us: The constant pressure to improve

Those who do not keep up with the times in our industry have lost. This is both a challenge and an incentive for us. We make sure that our machinery is precisely tailored to the requirements and growth of our customers. That our reflow ovens are up to date and our stencil printers and jet printers work efficiently and accurately. And that we can process the largest possible mix of components with many different products in the shortest possible time.

At the same time, we remain a medium-sized company and maintain direct, personal contact with our customers.

This has persuaded many hidden champions in Germany to work with us. It was a long, exciting road until then.

“Good business still happens between people, less between ERP systems and anonymous worlds.”

Sven Kapmeyer
General Manager Finance & Controlling

How we realise your projects as an EMS partner

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“A+B Electronic is a reliable and trustworthy partner with whom we have had a very good business relationship for many years.”

Manfred Meereis, Plasmatreat GmbH

A+B Electronic in 2023




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assemblies delivered

85 million

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Where do we come from? From trader to assembler of the first ever pocket calculator

We started as a small trading company literally with the first handful of capacitors and resistors. As a result, we have built up many contacts with good suppliers of components and PCBs, as well as with customers from a wide range of industries. And at some point the customer’s request came: If you're already buying components and circuit boards, can’t you assemble them for us at the same time? We took that step and have never regretted it. And then the industry began the journey towards miniaturisation and automation – which continues to this day.

Until 2018, we were an owner-managed family business, but today we enjoy the advantages of independence and a strong partnership

In the meantime, we are part of a group structure, the “Rubber Partner plus technology”. It supports us, but also gives us exactly the right freedom. Freedoms that make many family businesses particularly successful: Well-calculated investments in the future instead of short-sighted savings measures for the next annual balance sheet. Steady growth instead of aggressive expansion. Great quality demands instead of a focus on pure sales volume. So we have dedicated people just for quality assurance and audits.

But our group membership also brings us other advantages. Because we have enough space in Huntlosen, we could expand storage and production capacities at any time with the power of our partners. And we have enough liquid funds to fill our stocks with components when the market situation is good. This is important because prices for components can fluctuate considerably and delivery times often vary. Those who have the opportunity to buy in advance at good prices can pass these prices on to their partners and realise projects very quickly.

Why “Made in Germany”?

The 2020 pandemic showed us how vulnerable large globalised supply chains are to unpredictable events. Moreover, concentrating large parts of our production abroad makes us dependent on economic and political upheavals. This has strengthened our conviction that we are on the right track with our “Made in Germany” PCB assembly. Because the reliability, quality and flexibility we ensure at the site in Huntlosen in Lower Saxony are more important to us. This also has a sustainable component: We are not logistically dependent on air, rail or freight shipping – at least not when we deliver our assemblies to customers in the DACH region. If we as a German company were to outsource manufacturing to Eastern Europe or Asia, we would have a much larger carbon footprint.

100 years ago, our location might have been called provincial. Today, the opposite is the case. Germany is connected to the last corner by rail and road – a major reason for the economic strength of our country. Huntlosen is our home and the perfect location for us and our logistics.


We strive for long-term business relationships and offer maximum transparency in return

If you are a managing director or decision-maker, you are welcome to visit our factory. We will guide you through our production and administration. You don’t have to go on a world tour for that, neither today nor in the future. ESD protective clothing and coffee are on the house. By the way, we own our property and the generous green spaces around it. This fits better with our philosophy and long-term growth strategy.

High aerial view of the A+B Electronic production hall, including car park

Would you like to learn more about us or discuss a new project?

How do we work together?

Working with us means working with a stable team. We have achieved something that many companies dream of: a very low turnover rate of our employees. Most of the colleagues who are leaving us are going into well-deserved retirement. Most recently, we said goodbye to a staff member who had worked with us for almost half a century. You surely know yourself how good this is for processes, working atmosphere and productivity. But it also means that we now know our long-term business partners very well. Some of the contact persons have been working with us for decades. There are many personal ties between us and our customers – these also allowing for a quick and uncomplicated clarification through official channels. In a trusting cooperation, such as the one we have with our customers and suppliers, the formal rarely comes first.

What’s more, we rely on “home-growns” for new colleagues. We regularly have working students, dual students and apprentices who also very often decide to join our company after their training. Then all doors are open: When new leaders gradually develop from our structures, that is a good sign for us.

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We are certified – also for your supply chains

Sustainability in particular is becoming increasingly important. Both for us and for our customers. In addition to ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 certificates – which are important in our industry and are a matter of course for us – we are also bringing more and more sustainability into our processes. We have experience with a wide range of industry certifications, for example in the medical technology or automotive sectors, but also in special markets such as North America (UL, CSA).

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If you have read this far, you should have a good impression of A+B Electronic as a partner and EMS service provider. Are you dissatisfied with your placer or are you slowly outgrowing it? Do you need a second source? We would be happy to arrange an initial meeting without obligation. Call our head of sales Klaus Rupprecht directly or contact us here, we will be happy to call you back.