After the project is before the project: Good after-sales services are an elementary component of good cooperation

This is every buyer’s nightmare: They order a product, it’s delivered, something’s wrong, there are still questions. And now – no longer able to reach the contact person more or ending up in a call centre – they have no choice but to commence the laborious process of correspondence by mail.

Yet after-sales service can have so many positive effects. We focus on holistic support and advice. In every project phase, even after delivery. No ifs and buts about it. You can find out how important this is to us here.

Our after-sales services complement our core competence: PCB assembly. If you’re looking for a new service provider in the EMS sector, we would be pleased if you contact us without obligation.

After-sales services are part of our DNA

As an EMS partner, we want to maintain long-term customer relationships. A+B Electronic grows with its customers, that has always been our goal. We don’t like to think only from order to order, but are happy about business relationships from which both partners benefit in the long term. Of course, this requires a good core business. But good, long-term business relationships also only work with excellent after-sales services. The fact that we look after customers after the sale as if they were still in the middle of the project has been deeply integrated into the DNA of A+B Electronic. We always prove to our customers that we are there for them at every stage of the project. This also applies to the period after the delivery of the first large-scale production.

“With us, you have a permanent contact person even long after the project. We don’t pass you on to an external after-sales service provider, but continue to look after and advise you personally.”

Oliver Rauh
Head of Operational Sales

After-sales service taken a step further: Let’s talk about manufacturing technology and testing concepts

Because after the project is before the project, we are happy to talk to you about optimisations and test and inspection procedures – even after a production order. This way we can discuss together where we can still improve together.

  • Do you perhaps need guidance in the development of further products? Then we help.
  • Does it help you that we deliver the assembled PCBs directly to your customers next time? Let’s talk about it.

So that not only your product is perfect, but also everything around the project.

After-sales services live from a constructive error culture

Part of a good relationship is to minimise mistakes but also to admit them. With our rigorous quality assurance, we achieve error rates of less than one percent. However, if something is not to your satisfaction, we do not argue, but provide a solution as quickly as possible. Internally, too, we then always look for optimisation potential instead of looking for culprits. That’s how we always get a little bit better.

“When you call us with a problem, we want you to know: the only thing that counts for us in the end is the success of the project for you. We are doing everything in our power to achieve this.”

Oliver Rauh
Head of Operational Sales

Other Services
THT-Bauteile zur Bestückung von Leiterplatten

With three selective soldering systems and two wave soldering systems, we can produce high-quality THT assemblies for all technological conditions.

Our service as an EMS partner if you want to outsource your unit assembly.

With two modern production lines, we can precisely assemble versatile component sizes from 01005, a high component mix and components with special component geometries and solder them in reflow ovens.