Production of prototypes, large or small series: SMT assembly is our core competence

We at A+B Electronic have more than 50 years of experience in SMT assembly services. We implement your wishes precisely and can guarantee fast processing and delivery thanks to our own parts warehouses on site. We will be happy to discuss your order directly with you. Why should we be your contractor for SMT assembly? We have summarised this here in a few clear words. Or write to us in a few words about what you have in mind for a project – and we'll call you back.

This is what awaits you here:

SMT assembly suitable for all order sizes

Three modern production lines are waiting for your order for SMT assembly. During SMT assembly of your PCBs, we first apply the solder paste in a printing process to the pads where the electronic components will later be located. The printing is done by means of a special stencil or with a jet printer. The circuit boards are then assembled by machine and then soldered. Soldering takes place in the standard process in a reflow oven. For prototypes or special technologies, we also use our vapour phase.

„We think out the project along with our customers."

Kristin Teichmann
Head of Production Management

Your technological advantages with A+B Electronic

  • Whether prototype, small or large series in SMT assembly: We implement your idea through our precise industrial manufacturing.
  • High component mix? It’s no problem for us, of course. We plan the assembly efficiently.
  • We test the technical feasibility of your order in advance.
  • We optimise the design for efficient industrial production of your PCBs. We’re happy to work closely with your developers to achieve this.
  • We plan material logistics for the long term through international purchasing and efficient on-site warehousing.

PCB assembly has special requirements today: We install components in a large mix and in ever smaller sizes. Some components are no longer visible to the naked eye, and the assembly of PCBs is sometimes modernised on a monthly basis. This is also a challenge in SMT production.

“Miniaturisation is a trend in SMD assembly – so more and more components can be installed per PCB.”

For your order, you want short delivery times for small series as well as for large series. Thanks to our strategic purchasing and the corresponding warehousing, components are available at short notice and reliably. This is how we minimise delivery times.

Der SMD-Fertigungsbereich in der Produktion von A+B Electronic

How we realise your projects as an EMS partner

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“A+B Electronic is a reliable and trustworthy partner with whom we have had a very good business relationship for many years.”

Manfred Meereis, Plasmatreat GmbH

A+B Electronic in 2023




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assemblies delivered

85 million

components installed

SMT production – A+B Electronic in the video

We can process even the smallest components on our modern production lines:

Mehrere aneinandergereihte Maschinen für die SMD-Bestückung

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Ultra-precise assembly platform from Fuji

Among the pick-and-place machines, A+B Electronic has acquired the highlight: the Fuji 7x NXT2. The hybrid pick-and-place machine works with the utmost precision and guarantees a safe and fast process for placing SMD components.

Die Fuji-Fertigungslinie der SMD-Bestückung von A+B Electronic

SMD or SMT assembly – What’s the difference?

SMD is the abbreviation for surface mounted device.

SMT stands for surface mounted technology. SMT refers to the entire technology of mounting and soldering electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits onto a printed circuit board.

The individual steps of SMT assembly are:

  • Applying or printing on the solder paste
  • Placing the components on the circuit board
  • Soldering in the reflow oven
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Both terms are used synonymously in practice.

An employee in a work coat puts components into a box in the production hall.

Our SMT testing process: AOI & Revision

Rigorous quality control is a matter of course for us. We carefully check all PCBs after SMT production. This includes an Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI). If necessary, our employees rework to ensure that only flawless parts reach you or your customers directly. Read more about our quality assurance here.

SMD components at a glance

SMD components include passive components such as resistors, capacitors, induction coils. There are also integrated circuits and active components. We also install plugs and switches as SMD components on printed circuit boards.

We apply special protective coatings

We carefully coat the assembled PCB with a special protective lacquer. It optimally protects electronic assemblies against condensation, humidity and contamination. In order to be able to offer the complete package for your assemblies, we paint according to your specifications in a casting process with our selective painting machine from Asymtek. Read more about our conformal coating here.

We deliver – also directly to your customers

With our delivery service, you can decide whether we send the assembled PCBs to you or directly to your end customer. Assembled PCBs are sometimes very sensitive and there are a number of things to consider when shipping them. That is why we offer you specific packaging concepts and ship the assemblies in ESD packaging, for example. So you can outsource the logistics to us with peace of mind, and we use all our expertise and routine in the field of logistics and complete assembly.

Baugruppen in verschiedenen individuellen Verpackungen.

We advise after the pilot series – and think your product idea further ahead

SMT assembly is teamwork. That’s why consultation within the scope of product development is a matter of course for us. Because even if the counselling and a share for development is not part of the project: If we notice something about the assembly, or if we have a bellyache about an arrangement, we’ll get in touch with you immediately. We think along with your project.

This is a great advantage, especially for zero series. Once you’ve tested the series in practice, we’ll be happy to sit down together to look for ways to optimise it. This allows us to react flexibly to new requirements in our production. It’s about regularly recurring orders? Then you can rely on us to proactively approach you to ensure the availability of all components without waiting times.

Lkw der Firma A+B Electronic vor Lagerhalle.
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SMT assembly at A+B Electronic: Quality Made in Germany

When you choose A+B Electronic, you secure the advantages that Made in Germany brings you:

  • Secure availability and fast delivery times

  • Careful production by our trained staff

  • Direct contacts at our headquarters in Lower Saxony

  • Transparency across the entire supply chain: Production conditions, materials, compliance with environmental standards

Eine Maschine von A+B Electronic

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Together we make your purchasing successful.

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