Our experience in purchasing, warehousing/merchandise management and logistics makes us more reliable and agile.

We are assemblers. That is our core competence as an EMS partner. But we do not make the mistake of dismissing logistics as a side issue. Because no matter how well we assemble – if the assembled PCBs do not arrive safely and on time where they are supposed to go, the entire value chain is interrupted. That’s why we have state-of-the-art logistics that we are constantly developing. Find out why this is so and what it means for you as a business partner here.

Would you like to learn more about our logistics?

Ein Luftbild von dem A+B Electronic Gebäude der Fertigungshalle

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Our warehouses

Warehousing in industry has changed massively in recent decades. We have also digitised batch management. In the classic First In, First Out process, we can digitally track every change in the warehouse position of our goods. Our automatically and centrally controlled paternoster racks allow us to make maximum use of storage space, even at height. And because we rely completely on Made in Germany, the distance to our customers is always quite short – no intercontinental transports.

Electrostatic Sensitive Device, or ESD for short, describes the electrostatic discharge of people or objects, usually caused by frictional electricity. A very sudden discharge poses the risk of damaging equipment and people. Fires can even occur.
In certain areas it makes sense to think about ESD protection. Especially during storage, production and transport of electronic components and/or microelectronic components, immense damage can be caused by ESD. We prevent these by providing effective protection. Our production halls, warehouse and shipping department meet the requirements for professional ESD protection.

X-ray technology in the warehouse?

With modern X-ray technology, we can inspect large quantities of components in a very short time and book them into the warehouse. For this, there used to be an employee from the warehouse who counted small parts all day long. We can save that now. But X-ray technology has another massive advantage: It counts components without a human having to touch the individual parts – ESD protection is optimised.

Storage area with approx. 20,000 different articles on 600 m2

Our large storage area is important to us – despite the sometimes tiny components – in order to react as quickly as possible to orders in SMT or THT assembly. We no longer have to order stocked components, which reduces our dependence on supply chains. At the same time, we can buy strategically at low prices. Both we and our customers benefit from this.

“We also monitor the market for electronic components from a logistics perspective so that we can stock ahead.”

Ilka Steffen
Warehouse Department Manager

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Why customer-independent storage is an advantage for you

Many – especially smaller – assemblers only buy when they need components. So they buy primarily with direct reference to an order. Yet it’s typically the case that a great deal is produced with LEDs all over the world. This means that certain components are not expensive, but very difficult to obtain. In order to avoid these supply bottlenecks, we also stock up independently of the customer. Through intensive market observation, we buy strategically when conditions are particularly good.
We have the luxury of storing more material than needed for daily production due to our strong partners and our economic track record. Of course, we keep the right goods in stock for regular customers anyway. But our merchandise reserves are also an important building block for our processes.

Our customer-independent storage has two advantages:

  1. Components can flow flexibly, almost “spontaneously” into new, urgent projects. This saves valuable days, sometimes even weeks, in the entire process, i.e. from order receipt to delivery.
  2. We can buy at optimal prices and have less need to stock up on new orders at the current market price.

“Nothing is more annoying than having 99% of the material for an assembly in house and waiting for the last capacitor to be delivered. Because we can only manufacture the complete assembly.”

Michael Frenz
Technical Project Management

View of the paternoster warehouse

Our shipping

We send out 50-80 shipments per day. For this purpose, we have two of our own trucks that are ready for our customers at any time. Although we also ship with the usual logistics partners, we are more independent in shipping with our own small fleet of vehicles. Together with our packaging concepts, this makes us particularly flexible.

Our packaging services: With CAD and the right materials for perfect transport

Standard packaging rarely delivers what our customers want. We process PCBs that are highly individual not only in the component mix but also in size. Protected transport is absolutely necessary for these PCBs. That is why we do the construction of the packaging for our customers ourselves in consultation. We work closely with partners to develop the perfect transport systems and packaging designs time and time again. A classic requirement is stackability; all packaging must be ESD-compliant (electrostatically sensitive components), i.e. non-conductive, anyway.
All our self-constructed packaging is of course reusable – so we reduce packaging waste and our customers only have to pay for the packaging once. Some of our customers have been using the same batch of ETUC compliant pendulum packaging for years.

Packaging for the printed circuit boards from A+B Electronic
Black packaging milled with PCB

Our logistics complement our core competence: PCB assembly. If you’re looking for a new service provider in the EMS sector, we would be pleased if you contact us without obligation.

Other Services

With three selective soldering systems and two wave soldering systems, we can produce high-quality THT assemblies for all technological conditions.

With two modern production lines, we can precisely assemble versatile component sizes from 01005, a high component mix and components with special component geometries and solder them in reflow ovens.

Our service as an EMS partner if you want to outsource your unit assembly.