From electronics development to manufacturing - We successfully get your products into series production

An electronics development that is directly optimised for manufacturing. With over 30 experienced specialists at our side, we make this possible for you. While you can concentrate on your core competencies, we develop your electronics and get them ready for series production. For this purpose, we work together with selected partner companies and have access to an EMC laboratory. Why should we take care of your development? We'll show you here.

Learn more about electronics development with A+B Electronic:

What do we mean by electronics development?

First and foremost, electronics development is a process that precedes the actual work of an EMS provider. Because prior to the PCB assembly and device assembly, it is a matter of designing and developing these modules and devices. This primarily involves circuit development, PCB design and the selection of materials and components.

It is a long way from the initial idea of your product to series production and logistics. As an EMS service provider, we at A+B Electronic have an expert view of electronics manufacturing. When it comes to electronics development, we work in a partnership network of companies that are friends of ours. More than 30 qualified specialists who are familiar with all current development methods are at our side.

Therefore, we can support you in your in-house development or accompany the entire process up to series production. In this way, your electronics are developed directly according to the principles of Design for Manufacturing.

“We want to get involved in the process of creating products in advance of production by supporting our customers in all aspects along the development path.“

Klaus Rupprecht
Head of Sales
A+B Electronic

Our partner companies in electronics development

Who Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

The who develops software, hardware and firmware in the field of industrial and building automation as well as medical technology. In addition, it has its own EMC laboratory so that all necessary measurements can be carried out.

Sprintec electronic design

Sprintec is a service provider in the field of electronic design. The focus is on electronic development as well as automation and communication technology. With Sprintec we have a partner for the conception and feasibility studies.

Carneios GmbH

Carneios stands for the development of high-quality software. The Berlin-based company offers development services for hardware-related software systems and general software applications.

emsys Embedded Systems GmbH

emsys takes care of developments in the field of embedded systems. The development services range from software stacks and hardware IP to serial buses such as USB or Ethernet.

Your advantages at a glance

The developers must be as diverse as the electronics themselves. Together with our partner companies, various specialists from the field of electronics development are available for your projects. With project-specific teams led by us, we also provide complex development services or EMC testing.

  1. Design for manufacturing - your modules are already designed in the development process for reliable and cost-optimised production
  2. Smooth transition between development, prototypes and series production - you avoid costly and time-consuming redesigns
  3. Design for Testability - All necessary test and inspection procedures of the final assembly are already considered during development. You don't need to worry about corrections or additional steps in production later on.
Printed circuit board with the circuit diagram on which it is based.

Start of every electronics development: concept & feasibility

Before we start the specific development process with you, the requirements for the project must be defined. We talk about functions, design wishes and basic specifications together. As part of this concept phase, we put together a project-specific team with our partner companies, which is under our management. Close cooperation is indispensable in this phase, because the requirements must be described as clearly and precisely as possible.

We provide you with specification and requirement sheets and carry out feasibility studies

Your requirements are translated into a detailed concept. We are happy to support you in the creation of a requirements and functional specification. If required, we also take care of feasibility studies. In this way, we ensure that the planned development is technically, economically and temporally feasible. Through joint planning, your project is perfectly prepared for the actual electronics development at the end of the concept phase.

What do we offer in the concept phase?

  • Identification of all functions that the unit is to fulfil
  • Definition of interfaces to other devices and systems
  • Definition of performance requirements
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Creation of a requirements and functional specification

We successfully bring your products into series production!

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We take care of the electronics development for hardware and software

Now that we know what your product is supposed to do, we can start with the actual process of electronic development. For this, we distinguish between hardware and software development. Hardware development takes care of the analogue and digital circuit parts. Here we design and implement the electronic circuits that are responsible for controlling your device. In software development, on the other hand, the programmes that are to be executed on the hardware are created.

Ideally, both areas are already coordinated with each other during the creation of a concept. Because in the end, all components should work together smoothly so that your device fulfils the required functions and performance.

What defines good hardware development?

Hardware design is about designing the physical components of an electronic device. This includes aspects such as circuit design, PCB layout and component selection. Important factors in hardware design include the functionality of the device, cost and compliance with regulations and standards.

At the beginning of your hardware development, our experts design the circuits that enable the functions and make initial decisions on the necessary components. We also create a layout of the circuit board. We optimise circuits and layout so that they both meet your requirements and remain efficient, taking into account costs, production and EMC requirements. By working with experienced developers, potential problems and errors in the design can be identified at an early stage. This saves you expensive redesigns, rework or failures during SMD and THT assembly.

The steps of our hardware development

  • Creation of circuit designs and PCB layouts
  • Simulation of the circuit to verify functionality
  • Creation of EMC-compliant designs taking into account mechanical 3D CAD designs
  • Selection and procurement of components
  • Fully documented prototypes and tested pilot samples
Design einer Leiterplatte
Individual PCB design for your projects

We take care of the development of your software with our partners

Specific components for the software must already be taken into account in the hardware development. These ensure that the software functions smoothly. For example, software development may require the integration of external devices and interfaces that are controlled via special circuits and hardware components. Conversely, the design of the hardware components may be influenced by the requirements of the software developments. It is therefore important to coordinate the development of both areas precisely. Only in this way can we ensure that your device functions effectively, reliably and error-free.

What do we do in software development?

  • Software for configuration and parameterisation of your hardware/firmware
  • Software for stand-alone (PC-) applications
  • Test management (integration, module and software tests)
  • Error analyses and code quality reviews

A+B Electronic in 2023




customer projects


assemblies delivered

85 million

components installed

What is an EMC laboratory?

EMC laboratories are specialised facilities that perform electromagnetic tests to ensure that a device complies with EMC requirements. These tests include electrostatic discharge tests, electromagnetic field tests and fast transient immunity tests, among others. Compliance with EMC standards is important to ensure that a device operates safely and reliably and does not cause interference in other devices.

Access to an EMC laboratory completes our electronic development

EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility and refers to the ability of electronic devices to function in an electromagnetic environment without causing interference or being interfered with themselves.

Every electronic device must function in the intended environment without being affected by other devices or electromagnetic interference. At the same time, it must not generate any inadmissible electromagnetic interference itself. In an EMC laboratory, these so-called emission and immunity requirements are tested. In electronics development, it is important to consider the relevant EMC requirements to ensure that the devices are compatible and comply with all legal regulations.

  • IEC / EN 61000-4-3
  • IEC / EN 61000-4-6
  • CISPR 16-1-4
  • CISPR 16-1-1:2010
  • CISPR 16-1-1 Ed3.1
  • MIL461F
  • MIL461G
  • ISO 11452-2
  • ISO 11452-3
  • ISO 11452-4
  • ISO 11452-5
  • RS103
  • EN50147-1

We can commission the following measurements via our partner:

  • Conducted emission and immunity
  • Radiated emission and immunity in a 3m hall
  • Climatic tests
  • Thermographic recordings
  • Existing measuring equipment
Einsicht in ein EMV-Labor zur Prüfung elektromagnetischer Verträglichkeit

Are you looking for a partner in electronics development and component manufacturing? Then do not hesitate to contact us directly or find out more about us here.

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Other Services

With two modern production lines, we can precisely assemble versatile component sizes from 01005, a high component mix and components with special component geometries and solder them in reflow ovens.

Our service as an EMS partner if you want to outsource your unit assembly.

For additional quality control, we offer you joint planning of a test concept for your assemblies or devices.